Bitcoin SV Flips Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Amidst Market Rout

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Cryptocurrency–In a turn of events that could have ramifications for the broader market, Bitcoin SV, the fork of Bitcoin Cash that ultimately conceded the name to split currency Bitcoin ABC, has overtaken its rival to claim the fifth largest spot by capitalization. While every crypto in the top 20, […]

Checkmate: Bitcoin Cash Hash War Ends With SV Surrender

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV, Cryptocurrency–As the cryptocurrency markets continue to slip into another day of price fall, with headlines across the internet declaring Black Friday savings for Bitcoin and altcoins, the BCH fiasco encapsulated in the recent “hash war” is finally coming to an end. While the original Bitcoin Cash was at the center […]

Bitcoin Cash Is Now Two Blockchains – That Might Not Change Anytime Soon

It’s been six days since the bitcoin cash split and neither side looks ready to call it quits. What’s more, cryptocurrency exchanges that froze holdings of bitcoin cash in lead-up to Thursday’s contentious hard fork activation are beginning to warm up to idea that bitcoin cash may forever remain two cryptocurrencies. On Tuesday, Coinbase, one of […]

Bitcoin Cash SV’s ‘Blockchain Reorg’ Likely an Accidental Split, Not an Attack

Bitcoin Cash “Satoshi’s Vision” – otherwise called Bitcoin SV – suffered a block reorganization Monday by which transactions on two different blocks were overwritten. Though it is possible these two blocks may have been maliciously overwritten by outside attackers, the most likely explanation for the temporary block reorg was due to an overload in transaction activity […]

What We Know About Bitcoin Cash’s Two Rival Blockchains

At 18:02 UTC, the bitcoin cash blockchain officially split in two. With one iteration of the bitcoin cash protocol called Bitcoin “Satoshi’s Vision,” or Bitcoin SV, directly opposing the upgrades introduced through the project’s long-dominant Bitcoin ABC implementation, the blockchain forked into two distinct networks, with two separate cryptocurrencies. And while a so-called “hash war” […]

Bitcoin Cash Just Split Into Two Blockchains

The code for Bitcoin cash’s hard fork has been activated. With neither side of the contentious debate leading up to the hard fork willing to come to a compromise, two competing implementations of the protocol have now been activated. However, it’s unclear at this juncture which of the two will become the dominant software of […]

Check Out’s Exclusive Video Interviews from Satoshi’s Vision Conference

Promoted On March 23-25 in Tokyo Japan, the Satoshi’s Vision Conference took place with a view to promoting the worldwide adoption of bitcoin cash (BCH). The conference was the largest cryptocurrency-infused event to date and hundreds of people visited Tokyo to discuss BCH and on-chain scaling. Also read: Upgrade Time: Bitcoin Cash Plans […]

Upgrade Time: Bitcoin Cash Plans a 32 MB Hard Fork

Technology This week the Bitcoin ABC developers officially announced the much anticipated Bitcoin Cash network hard fork on May 15. In addition to the statement from the development team, the codebase for the client Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 has also been made available with the newly added consensus rules. Also read: New Karate Combat […]

ABC Developer Amaury Séchet on the Future of Bitcoin Cash

Interview At the bitcoin cash-focused Tokyo event, Satoshi’s Vision Conference, many movers and shakers and cryptocurrency luminaries got together with’s product manager Mike Malley to discuss on-chain scaling and spreading BCH adoption worldwide. During this particular video, Malley chats with Amaury Séchet (Deadalnix) the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, and the […]