Bitcoin SV Flips Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Amidst Market Rout

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Cryptocurrency–In a turn of events that could have ramifications for the broader market, Bitcoin SV, the fork of Bitcoin Cash that ultimately conceded the name to split currency Bitcoin ABC, has overtaken its rival to claim the fifth largest spot by capitalization. While every crypto in the top 20, […]

Rumor: Bitmain Financials Indicate $740 Million In Q3 Losses Excluding Cost of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hash War

Since the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash that resulted in the ABC camp claiming the ticker for BCH, the value of the digital asset has dropped from around $500 on the day before the event (November 14th) to current levels of $115. This is a drop in value of 77% in a period of less […]

Coinmarketbook Gauges Cryptocurrencies by Buy Support Rather Than Market Cap

Markets and Prices A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and market observers reference websites that measure the digital asset economy by market capitalization. Now there’s a new data website,, that calculates a cryptocurrency’s buy support based on order books held on various exchanges. Also read: US Law Enforcement Wants Surveillance Tools for Privacy Coins   ‘Market […]

Stellar (XLM) is The Best Performing Cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap’s Top 10. Overtakes BCH’s Place

After a bearish trend that has been labeled “bloodbath” by social media, finally, the cryptomarket has shown a bullish correction that seems to have strong prospects of being sustained over time. Bitcoin, the most important crypto of the global market cap has risen around 5% in the last few hours, dragging the rest of the […]

Forget BCH! There Is a New “Real Bitcoin” In Town According to Calvin Ayre

Since its creation, Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ), the altcoin born after the most important fork in the Bitcoin blockchain has generated a lot of controversy in the community because of the determination of its leaders to proclaim the altcoin as the real Bitcoin, even though nobody shares that opinion outside this circle. Many of […]

End of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hash Wars, Offers Much Needed Relief for Traders and Miners

The last two weeks since the 14th of November seemed like a never ending fall into the abyss for many crypto traders and hodlers. Bitcoin (BTC) fell from levels above $6,300 to current levels of $4,347 in the same time period and took with it the entire market on the way down. In the case […]

BCH Hash Wars Caused a Total Loss of 10 Million USD To Both Camps, Says Bitmex Research

The infamous “BCH Hash War” has not only been highly damaging to the entire crypto ecosystem, but those responsible for the fall are also suffering multi-million dollar losses, according to a recent report published by Bitmex Research. The section of the famous Exchange, dedicated to “Filtering out the hype with unbiased, evidence-backed reports on the […]

Stellar (XLM) Edges out Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from the Number 4 Spot on Coinmarketcap

Users of have realized that the online platform has chosen to assign the original ticker of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the ABC camp in the ongoing Hash Wars. Other platforms such as Binance, have opted to distinguish between the two camps by assigning BCHABC and BCHSV respectively. XLM Edges out BCH on Coinmarketcap With […]

BCH Hash Wars and Tether Manipulation: Not a Good Look for Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cryptocurrency, Tether (USDT)–On a day where the crypto markets are finally seeing scant amounts of green, after one of the most precipitous drops in valuation to punctuate 2018’s bear cycle, investors still have to contemplate the impact of cryptocurrency’s most controversial projects: Tether and Bitcoin Cash. ADVERTISEMENT Bitcoin Cash, which appeared to […]

BREAKING: Bakkt’s Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Launch Pushed to January 24th 2019

In a Medium post earlier today, the CEO of Bakkt, Kelly Loeffler, has update the crypto and investor communities on the progress of the highly anticipated launch of the global platform. One major takeaway from the update, is that trading and warehousing of digital assets through Bakkt will launch on the 24th of January, 2019. […]