Ripple Adoption: The Largest Payment Across RippleNet That Made by Mercury-FX (From UK to Mexico)

TL:DR Mercury FX announced that they had made their largest payments using XRP on RippleNet (£3,521.67 or $4,552.41). Ripple continue to display real-world use cases in addition to signing over 200 customers Ripple demonstrates the value of achieving disruption without displacement of the traditional financial system.  Mercury FX, a UK company that brands itself as […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis Jan.16: Stability Around $3600, But The BTC Shorts Chart is Worrying

Following our previous price analysis, the significant Stochastic RSI oscillator had crossed over at the oversold area. This led to the anticipated positive correction, which produced a nice move to re-test $3700 tough resistance area. The mentioned resistance includes the 4-hour chart’s 200 days moving average line and the daily chart’s 50-day moving average line. […]

Ethereum’s Constantinople Upgrade Delayed After Security Vulnerability Discovered

TL;DR  Ethereum Constantinople upgrade delayed due to ‘reentrancy’ attack vulnerability discovered by ChainSecuity This is the second time the Constantinople upgrade is delayed  Another hacking scandal has plagued the Ethereum community, this time on the eve of the highly anticipated Constantinople upgrade. A smart contract auditing firm named ‘Chain Security’ discovered an “unwanted side effect” […]