The Differences Between Forex and Crypto Trading

Finance Many would argue that comparing cryptocurrency trading with forex is like comparing apples and oranges, but that’s not entirely accurate. On closer inspection, there is a number of similarities between the two. For example, the underlying market dynamics of supply and demand will usually govern the prices of the respective assets. Here traders share their […]

How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market

Economics Institutional investors trading cryptocurrency gained ground in 2018, with a number of high profile players edging in and taking a seat at the table. Increased interest from larger investors may have played a part in supporting digital assets as well as distorting the market.  Also Read: KPMG: Institutional Investment Key to Cryptoassets Growth Will Crypto […]

Influential Politicians Are Advocating Crypto Around the Globe

Featured Mineable and tradable from anywhere, cryptocurrency is borderless. Its adoption nevertheless hinges in part upon the stance taken by nation states. Politicians have the power to integrate, legitimize and push crypto to the next stage of mainstream adoption. A number of influential politicians around the globe have expressed varying levels of support for digital currencies and […]

Max Keiser: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If George Soros Attempts to ‘Corner’ Bitcoin Market

Allen Scott · April 10, 2018 · 8:00 am <!– Excerpt Bitcoinist spoke with the one and only Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and host of the Keiser Report, who explained why he’s bullish on BTC, expecting it to go well over $100,000.  My view of the world-shaking tech that Bitcoin is has not changed. […]

Bitcoin’s Richest Could Own a Significant Part of Global Wealth

Melanie Kramer · April 9, 2018 · 3:00 pm <!– Excerpt Credit Suisse’s latest estimates indicate that for the first time the richest 1% own 50.1% of all global wealth, a proportion that’s likely to move to the richest 1% owning two-thirds of global wealth by 2030. World’s Rich Getting Richer Global wealth inequality had […]

First It Was George Soros, Now The Rockefellers Want In On Crypto

A few days ago, George Soros, the billionaire business magnate and investor, was noted to be warming up to Cryptocurrencies. This is after Adam Fisher, who oversees macro investing at the New York-based Soros Fund Management, said he had gotten internal approval for a move to trade digital assets just a few months ago. This was […]

Institutional Investors Are Flocking to ‘Maturing’ Cryptocurrency Market

Adam James · April 9, 2018 · 9:00 am <!– Excerpt Since going parabolic in November and reaching all-time highs in December, the cryptocurrency market has collapsed in steep and shocking fashion — leading to a flood of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) from both mainstream media outlets and your co-workers left holding heavy bags. According […]

If Bitcoin is ‘Essentially Worthless,’ The Ultra-Rich Didn’t Get the Memo

Adam James · April 8, 2018 · 1:30 pm <!– Excerpt According to some Bitcoin bears, we’re a long way from the floor — but that hasn’t stopped the world’s ultra-rich from buying the dip, including George Soros and the Rockefeller family. ‘Essentially Worthless’ Recent news has suggested some big-time institutional investors are taking an interest […]

George Soros Warms Up To Crypto (BTC, ETH, XRP)

In an epic move, George Soros, the billionaire business magnate and investor, is now in the business of cryptocurrency investing. Soros was initially one of the prominent investors that were vehemently against Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto in general earlier this year. Adam Fisher, who oversees macro investing at New York-based Soros Fund Management, says he got […]

From FUD to Fanboy: George Soros to Begin Trading Cryptocurrencies

Adam James · April 6, 2018 · 1:30 pm <!– Excerpt In January, controversial Hungarian-American investor, business magnate, and political activist George Soros called cryptocurrencies a bubble. Now, he’s getting ready to trade them. The Price is Right As reported by Bloomberg, Soros Fund Management’s Adam Fisher has received internal approval to trade digital currencies, […]